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Catelyn Mailloux

510 S. Farwell St., Eau Claire WI 54701 • 715.835.3734 Map to the Cathedral

Artist in Residence 2014-2015


A sculpture including plaster skulls and can telephones by Catelyn Mailloux


Artist Statement

My work is largely driven by an interest in relationships. The changing dynamics of relationships within my life has challenged me to think about and process loneliness, disconnect, longing, and desire for emotional intimacy. I am interested in exploring the connectedness between these ideas and the nuances of human relationships, both familial and non-familial.  I explore these ideas through the intersection of language, written text, and the sense of touch. These modes of exploration are the manifestation of humans’ desire to connect with one another. Language, text, and touch are each modes in which to know and consequently be known by. In a continuum, text is the most superficial while touch is most primal. All three contribute to my artistic endeavor to make sense of basic human tendencies.



I was born and raised in St. Cloud, Minnesota. My family relocated to Xenia, Ohio in 2010 and since then I have called it home. I am the third of five kids in my family and relish the role of the middle child. Currently, I live in Eau Claire and am a student at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire earning a BFA in Sculpture and a teaching license in Art Education. This fall, I put my artistic inclinations and creativity into teaching. As a part of my degree program, I student taught in an art classroom at Chippewa Falls High School and Stanley-Boyd Elementary school. Teaching art was an engaging, new, and exciting experience. This spring, I will be diving back into studio classes at the University and will be graduating in May. My classes include an independent study in which I will be collaborating on a sculpture for the new education building on campus, as well as preparing artwork for my senior show. After graduation, I will continue to pursue a life of creativity as a teacher and artist.  

-Catelyn Mailloux